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How to stack bracelets with style: your personal guide

How to stack bracelets with style: your personal guide picture

Stacking bracelets is a trend that’s still going strong, season after season. Whether your style is minimalist or glamorous – a mix of bracelets or bangles lets you express yourself and is an easy way to refresh your favorite styles.


One is never enough when it comes to bracelets and bangles. Master the look with our styling advice:

• Mix, match and stack your bracelets and bangles

New to the trend? Wear two or three monotone styles, such as Tennis Deluxe bracelet and Subtle bracelet trilogy. As you get more comfortable, start mixing them up and play with different textures, colours, sizes and silhouettes.

• Be bold. Go for both arms

Feeling adventurous? Accessories both arms and make a sparkling statement. Avoid overpowering your style by dialing back on other jewellery and give careful thought to colours and thickness ratios when mixing and matching them on your wrists. 

• Stack with watches

Wear bracelets that don’t outshine your timepiece but rather complement it with similar textures, tones and sparkling details. Thin bracelets such as Swarovski Power sit well below your watch, while styles such as Swarovski Symbolic bracelet look great when worn above. 

Now that you know how to wear and mix bracelets, you are ready to create your signature stack. There’s no one method or rule; simply unleash your creativity, have fun trying different combinations and let your personal style shine.

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Whether you opt for minimalist or maximalist styles, wear one or channel the stacked wrist trend - bracelets and bangles guarantee maximum impact. Spark your inspiration with these brilliant looks.



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