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Silver Dangling Tail Fox Earrings: 3D Cartoon

Mischief in Motion: Silver Fox Tail Dangle Earrings ,3D Cartoon (Sterling Silver)

Calling all fox lovers! These playful Silver Fox Tail Dangle Earring…

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Antiqued Silver Moon & Clear Quartz Boho Dangle Earrings

Unveil the Mystery with Moonlit Boho Earrings:

Channel the magic of the night sky with these captivating Antiqued Silver Moon & Clear Quartz Dangl…

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Liquid Metal Unique Statement Earrings

Own the Spotlight with Liquid Metal Statement Earrings:

Unleash your inner trendsetter with the Liquid Metal Statement Earrings. These captivating ear…

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Mermaid Tail Pearl Stud Earrings

Embrace Ocean Magic with Mermaid Pearl Stud Earrings:

Unleash your inner mermaid with these enchanting Mermaid Tail Pearl Stud Earrings. These captiva…

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Gold Heart Stud Earrings with Cascading Pearls

Captivate with Cascading Hearts: Gold Pearl Stud Earrings:

Embrace timeless romance with our Gold Heart Stud Earrings featuring Cascading Faux Pearls.…

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Sparkling Gold Rhinestone Crawler Earrings

Climb the Style Ladder with Modern Gold Rhinestone Crawlers

Embrace effortless elegance with these Modern Gold Rhinestone Crawler Earrings. These spar…

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Clint Wassin

Great customer service delivered by Tanya , I will definitely be buying there again.


Biddy Froneman

I just want to thank you so much it is beautiful and I love how you made is to special to open! Wow thank you once again.

Retha Bouwer

Nou die dag jou viool oorbelle gedra hier na Le Cafe Pomme in Nordness Bergen Norway, die fransman was dol daaroor en almal wat hulle sien is Altyd gaanse oor hulle!!

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Hey there, jewellery lovers!

We're Tanya and Annelie, a mother-daughter duo who traded in heavy furniture lifting for the sparkling world of stylish accessories. For years, we ran a second-hand shop in Uitenhage, and while furniture was our bread and butter, there was always something special about …

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The Sparkly Squad

A Family Affair picture

A Family Affair

Stylish Jewelry & Gifts isn't just a business – it's a family affair! Here at our headquarters (also known as the living room!), you'll find a pa…

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