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Shipping Shenanigans

Hey Bling Lovers!

Ready to get your sparkle on? We're here to spill the deets on how we sling bling to your doorstep.

1. Fast and Furious Shipping

We're on it like glitter on a craft table! Once you hit that "Buy Now" button, we're in full-speed mode. Expect your bling to do a happy dance on your doorstep in 6 business days.

2. The Shipping Cost Deal

We keep it real – shipping isn't free, but it's not breaking the bank either. Peep the final bill at checkout to see how much love you’re sending to our shipping partners.

3. Where We Ship

Good news – we're spreading the sparkle! We deliver locally, covering all corners of South Africa. If you're in a galaxy far, far away, hit us up, and we'll see what magic we can work.

4. Tracking Your Sparkle

Ever wondered, "Where's my bling at?" We got you covered! Once your order is on its way, we'll shoot you an email with the secret code (aka tracking number).

5. Oops, Wrong Bling!

If you open your package and think, "This isn't what I ordered," don't stress. Reach out to us at [email protected], and we'll fix it, pronto!

6. Customs and Taxes Tango

For international bling buddies, heads up – customs and taxes are like the gatekeepers of sparkle in some places. You might need to sweet-talk them a bit to get your bling.

Questions or just wanna share your excitement about your new bling? Slide into our DMs at 081 429 1189.

Happy unboxing,

The Stylish Jewellery & Gifts Crew

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