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Easy-Breezy Returns

Hey Glitter Squad!

We get it, sometimes a sparkly thing just doesn't vibe with you. No stress! Here's our laid-back guide to returns.

1. Cool-Down Period

You've unboxed your bling, and it's not doing the happy dance with you? No worries! You've got 7 days to decide if it's a keeper.

2. Reach Out to Us

Ready to part ways with your bling? Sweet, drop us a message at [email protected]. Let us know why it didn't click - we're always looking to improve our bling game.

3. Pack It Up, Ship It Out

Once we give you the green light, wrap your piece in the original packaging (if you still have it) or anything snug. Ship it back to us, and don't forget to add a little note with your details.

4. Bling Check-In

We'll give your bling a once-over when it gets back. As long as it's in tip-top shape, we'll sort out your refund or exchange, no fuss.

5. Keep It Real

While we'd love to take back every bling in the universe, there are a few ground rules. We can't do returns on worn stuff, custom bling, or earrings (hygiene vibes, you know?).

6. Shipping Sitch

Shipping fees for returns? On us if it's a boo-boo on our part. If it's more of a "it's not you, it's me" situation, the shipping hustle is on you.

Questions or just wanna chat about bling? Reach us at [email protected].

Keep sparkling,

The Stylish Jewellery & Gifts Crew

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